Monday, 2 October 2017

Greed is root cause of all Evils

Quote by Mahatma Gandhi: "Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed". Greed is endless and can never be satisfied. It is the main cause of all evils in the society like Dowry, Corruption, Favoritism, Not to Speak Truth, Cheating, Stealing. If you want to earn without limits then earn name and fame by doing service of the mankind.

Hello Kids and Young Minds - Do not run after Money - Earn Name and Fame

Here are 2 inspirational stories for you and one video to let you know that it is better to be ambitious to achieve and earn name and fame and not to run after money as greed for money has no end. While you may get sleepless nights to protect your wealthy empire but nobody can steal your knowledge or undo the name and fame earned by you. Great scientists and inventors like Albert Einstein, Sir Issac Newton who was crazy not for money but for inventing something new. Lust for money can convert even an honest person to become a gambler, corrupt and dowry seeker. Judge yourself after reading the two mini stories and one video presented by WQAINDIA.

The Greedy Dog: Once a dog found a full packet of bread and was happy that the loaves of bread were sufficient for him for at least 2 days. The dog thought to go to some secluded place so as to avoid sharing the bread with other dogs. He lifted the full packet of bread and reached a secluded place where there a flowing river. When the dog peeped into the river water he saw his image in the river water. The dog thought it was some another dog holding the packet of bread in his mouth. Greed to snatch the bread held by the image dog overpowered him and with an intention to snatch the bread packet from the dog, which was just a reflection of the dog itself, he barked at the shadow. Immediately when the dog barked the original packet in the mouth of the dog fell in the river and the dog remained hungry and the dog had not even enough strength to go back.

Moral:  Greed is Bad Habit, Never be Greedy.

The Golden Touch: Once upon a time there was a King, who used to worship God, but he had a lust for Gold, the yellow metal. One day the King had a dream while asleep that God appeared before him and asked for some blessing. The king asked for Midas Touch, a power with which anything touched by the King will turn into gold, yellow metal. The Deity appearing in the dream blessed the King with the power of Midas Touch and disappeared. The king's sleep was broken and he woke up. Out of anxiety, he touched his bed and it turned into Golden Bed. The king was very happy. Somehow he managed to sleep and got up early in the morning. In the morning when he tried to brush his teeth, the toothbrush, toothpaste and toothpaste tube all turned into Gold due to Midas Touch. Somehow he got his teeth brushed by servants. When breakfast was served - the breakfast also turned into Gold and even water and milk turned into liquid Gold. The king was helpless but he was very happy as he had unending greed and lust for gold to be the wealthiest person in the whole world. He arranged a team of servants so that he may not touch anything without thinking. Immediately came his five years old daughter running into his lap and the kind had no time to think and took his daughter into his lap. Lo ! what happened, the laughing daughter turned into a Golden Statue by virtue of Midas Touch. The king was very sad but nothing could be changed. As the king was otherwise a person with good heart and worshiping God regularly, the Deity again appeared before him. The king pleaded to take back the Midas Touch and convert his daughter again as a human being. God fulfilled the King's wish and taught him the lesson not be Greedy and serve the mankind.

Kids, Now enjoy this video and share the moral of the story with your classmates and friends.

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