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Try Try Again - Failure is the Key to Success

Hello Kids,

We are starting with a short story "Failure is the Key to Success" and one should not keep trying till he or she attains his or her goal. Can you imagine that when you were just 10 months old baby, how you learned to walk on your feet? Your parents will get you stand us, balance your postures and just invite you to their lap and with a smiling face, you will like to go to the lap of your grandparents, father, mother, brother or sister. On the first day you might have taken just one maiden step and in the next few days when you tried extending 4-5 steps, you might have fallen on the earth but because you were a little baby at that time, your parents came to your rescue and you felt secure. But in the real-life situation when you grow up then your parents will not be always available with you to rescue you from real life problems and situations. You have to learn from your mistakes as everyone learns through mistakes, but mind it, never do blunders. Mistakes can be rectified but blunders cannot be undone. Never disown your mistakes and accept the mistakes as a brave soldier. It will help you to face the real-life situations in the universe more courageously. Never get depressed with failures as all cannot be winners in the playground. Have you ever watched Olympic Games, last held in 2012 at  London 2012 Olympics? See the difference in the performance of winner of Gold Medal and Silver Medal. The participant, who won the Silver Medal cannot be taken as the failure but he or she will keep trying till he or she wins the Gold medal. Based on this theme that Try Try Again - Failure is the Key to Success, I am narrating a short story of King Bruce and the Spider.
King Bruce and Spider
Courtesy Wikipedia Commons

The story of King Bruce and the Spider was there in my textbooks while I was in primary classes way back in 1966. Robert Bruce, the King of Scotland fought many wars but during one war he got defeated and ran from the battlefield. He was very depressed and he hid in a cave for many days. Fear of defeat engulfed his mind. One day he saw that a spider fell from its web on the ceiling of the cave and the spider tried, again and again, to climb up to the web but every time the spider fell down. Bruce watched the spider with curiosity. Spider kept trying and at last, it reached its web. Robert Bruce was filled with joy and an invisible strength came from within though he was weak and tired. He came out of the cave, reorganized his forces and army and fought the battle with the enemy and Robert Bruce won the battle at last. Such should be the spirit to get out of depression and convert defeat into victory.

Moral of the Story
  1. Think Positive - Participants in the Olympic Games are better than those who could not get entry to Olympics. Who could not get entry to Olympics are better than those who could not reach National Level and so on.......
  2. Never lose heart. Try Try Again till you succeed as Failure is Key to Success
  3. Do not fear Mistakes - We learn by mistakes only.
Share the article and Story in your School with your friends. Take Part in a school debate and repeat sharing the story with your friends, juniors, and youngsters. It will change your way of thinking and you will feel a pleasant change in your life. With due regards to Obama the Great, just dream and think of becoming President of United States, I am sure if you direct all your efforts and energies it may even frighten the great Obama, the US President. Best Wishes - Stay Connected with the US.

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