Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Honesty is the Best Policy

Hello Young Minds

What is Honesty? If any individual, who is hungry for the last 2-3 days and he or she has not taken any food,  faces the following 2 entirely different situations:
  1. An opportunity to steal money or bread.
  2. Finds a wallet full of dollars or notes.
Let us first discuss the situation at Number 2. What will be the honest course? 
  • To check for the likely address of the wallet owner and return the wallet to the owner as it is.
  • To take out a few dollars, sufficient to buy food for 2-3 days, and return the wallet to the owner.
  • In case the owner is not traceable, deposit the wallet with the nearest police station without bothering if the wallet will reach the true owner or not.
  • After finding the true owner and returning the wallet as it, explain his or her suffering to ask for a job and return the reward money offered by the wallet owner.
  • Keep the wallet and use the money found in the wallet to establish a small business and after few months returns the wallet, other belongings in the wallet along with used dollars with honestly applying up to date interest. But the wallet owner gets the returning finder individual arrested for not reporting the matter instantly to the Police.
Honesty is a very wide concept. What may appear you, to be honest, maybe dishonesty in a wider perspective. Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity, Truthfulness, Trustworthy - all the qualities of a human being are co-related to each other.

The path to Speak Truth, Building Trust, Maintaining Integrity beyond Doubt and to be Honest and Sincere in daily life appears to be difficult but not impossible. It depends upon the society in which we are grown up or living as in a society with more than 95% honest people, dishonest people will find themselves uncomfortable and similarly in a society with more than say 90% dishonest people, the survival of the honest may be an uphill task. Anyhow, after igniting the Young Minds to think about ways and means to transform the society from ill virtues to good virtues, I  quote an old story that conveys the real message Honesty is the Best Policy and later or sooner the society will adopt only the most Honest people.

Hello Kids - Watch this video and Read the Story of Honest Woodcutter written for You and only You.

Many years ago, a woodcutter lived in a forest along with his wife. He used to go to cut wood from the dry trees with his iron ax and the couple could make both ends meet with their hard work and honesty. Before going to bed, both used to pray God that they they continue living an honest life and God will HIMSELF take care of them. One day the woodcutter could not find any dry tree to cut. He roamed here and there desperately and at last, he found a tree with its dry branches covering an old well near the tree. He was happy and climbed up the tree to cut the wood. Oh ! while cutting the wood the ax slipped from his hand and fell into the well. He came down and start weeping. He asked the GOD if it was the prize for his good deeds. Suddenly there was lightening and Goddess appeared out of the well and asked the woodcutter as to why he was weeping. He narrated the whole story and Goddess went deep into the well and came out with a Pure Golden Axe. She asked the woodcutter to recognize his ax and he replied in negative that it was not his ax. Goddess again disappeared in the well and came out with a Pure Silver Axe. The woodcutter again refused to own it. Finally, the Goddess came out with his original Iron Axe and the woodcutter was overwhelmed with joy to claim it. The goddess was so impressed with the simplicity and honesty of the woodcutter that she handed over all the three axes to the woodcutter. Woodcutter became rich and started living an honest and comfortable life in the city. 

Kids, How did you like the oral and written story. Just tell us what type of story, you would like us to narrate you so that you can grow us as a True, Honest, Sincere, Loyal, Faithful and Trusted member of the society as the Kids of Today will make the Society of Tomorrow.

Moral: Honesty is the Best Policy and it pays dividends at last. 
             God helps those who help themselves.

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