Saturday, 7 October 2017

Think Before You Speak

Everything is worth thinking but may not be worth speaking also, therefore, to make your behavior forceful you must choose your words carefully. A wise man thinks before speaking but a foolish one thinks after speaking. The difference is only in before and after therefore while speaking words should be chosen with a great sense of responsibility and carefulness. The tongue belongs to you and it is your duty to keep control over it otherwise if not controlled then the 32 watchmen guarding it will be in trouble. So, therefore, your comments should be wise enough and also do not put forth your views in a sarcastic and satirical manner. A man was highly perturbed after using indecent words to his neighbor.He was repenting for the same and thought of approaching a saint to take his advice for "how to take his words back", the saint listened to his problem and then to make him understand gave him a few feathers and advised him to place those feathers in a chowk and come back. The man was astonished at the way the saint was tackling his problem but didn't speak anything. After some time the saint asked him to go to the chowk again and return with those feathers. but when the man reaches the chowk he could not find even a single feather there and returned empty handed. The man narrated the whole story to the saint and the saint than told him that this was the science of life.  When we can not collect the feathers which were blown away by the winds similarly anything spoken cannot be taken back as it is not in our hands. The words once spoken by you cannot be taken back at any cost. therefore think before you speak and chose your words wisely.